Do you who want to invest on Bitcoin: Here is our expert advice

1 bitcoin

Bitcoin has attracted the interest of many people in a very short time. Yet investing in this fictional currency is not so simple. Read this article for our advice. Click here for lotto.

1 bitcoin

Understand this currency like no other

In addition to being virtual and being used in peer-to-peer shopping (which is hard enough to visualize), Bitcoin has very special features.It has the same particularity as precious metals: a limited quantity. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins in circulation. So far, $ 16.2 million has been created. This limit was established when it was created in order not to reproduce the subprime crisis of 2008. Nobody can handle this quantity; it makes it a rare and stable product. Visit this site for lotto.

 Pay attention to scams

Theware a thousand cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Some are very well built and have a future like Ethereun or Litecoin. Others are scams. Very well done sites are trying with very attractive messages to get them to buy, but behind there is nothing. In general we must be wary of platforms that promise you huge profits with zero risk.

But why are bitcoins so risky?

Buying virtual currencies is a risky operation for many reasons.

Payments in bitcoins are totally anonymous. This feature attracts fraudsters and criminals but also facilitates money laundering practices;

·    Cryptocurrency fraud is making more and more victims around the world and also in Belgium. The number of complaints is accelerating. The Financial Market Supervisory Authority, the FSMA, regularly issues warnings about such scams. It publishes lists of platforms on which virtual currencies are traded and for which there are indications of fraud;

·The exchange value of virtual money in an official currency (such as the euro) can vary widely and cause significant financial losses. Price variations of more than 30% in a single day are not uncommon. There is no control authority for the virtual money price. Currency prices may also vary depending on platform and geographic location: virtual currencies are often more expensive in Asia;


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